Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cold Weather

It has been hard to get out and play with the cold weather and the early dark. (Seriously, dark at 5 pm. How am I supposed to do anything?)

As far as actual weather goes, November has passed fairly mildly. The days have been cold, true. But not bitterly so. There has been no snow. (No tears shed here.)

Today, we decided enough with the indoors.

We bundled the boys up for a little outdoors activity. (Which meant church parking lot.)

Wow. That kid gets cuter every day!

Roman and Keith played baseball.

Keith pitching, Roman batting

A successful hit!

Blaise rode his bike.

This is Blaise's "bike."
He does have a trike,
but he's just a little too short still.

And Blaise was perfectly content to ride his bike, until he noticed Roman playing baseball. Then he had to get in on that. He was reasonably good at taking turns for the first few times. Then he decided he was done sharing, and ran off with the ball and bat.

Blaise, done sharing

At that time, it was time to go inside. But mission accomplished: time outside!

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Salem said...

One thing you got to let me know: Are the boys becoming strong Football fans, or do they like this baseball stuff more?