Sunday, February 22, 2009

Science Saturday

Last year for my birthday, Keith got me a family membership to the children's museum. It has been the best birthday present ever. We have been able to go almost once a month over the last year.

But it expires next month. And since we may be moving for residency, we don't know whether or not to renew our membership. So we spent Saturday taking advantage of the time we have left.

Like always, the boys enjoyed their time. And all the activities. (It wasn't as crowded as usual. I think the warmer weather kept people outside over the weekend.)

We had been there a few hours and were thinking about wrapping up and going home.

Until we found out there was a "Science Saturday" going on in the upstairs activity room.

You should have seen Roman's face light up at the words "science experiment."

We all donned goggles and then mixed chemicals and diligently recorded the results.

Keith and Blaise looking snazzy in goggles

Roman was in HEAVEN.

Roman, showing off the results of his experiment

Blaise wanted to take a nap.

Apparently, this is going to be a regular part of Saturdays at the Children's Museum. I guess we'll have to take advantage of our membership just a couple more times.

See ya next time!
(Yes, Roman can fit into the coat lockers.)

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