Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mission Accomplished

We decided that we should hurry and celebrate while we still can.

Blaise is potty-trained!

Oh, he still has the occasional accident, and still wears a Pull-Up for naps and bedtime. But other than that, we've done it!

He can wear underwear all day, and keep them dry. We can go shopping, to the park, or on a walk, and he stays dry.

He tells us when he needs to go. Sometimes, he goes by himself and then comes to find us to tell us he's already gone.

We owe a lot of his success to popsicles. Once we started using popsicles as a reward for going potty, we started making a lot of headway. We were already having a lot of success having him go bottomless. Once we added popsicles to the mix...well. Blaise is potty trained. It helps that he would always give half his "piddle Skittles" and half his popsicle to Roman. Once Roman figured out that he got treats when Blaise went potty, Blaise got a lot more encouragement.

We're celebrating now, because we know it may not last. School is starting back up. Roman will be starting 2nd grade. Keith will be going back to work on some final dental prerequisites. Blaise will start attending daycare (more about that later.) With all these changes, there is sure to be set backs.

But we are not going to let that distract from the happiness we feel at being once again, diaper free!

Now, if only we could get Blaise to wear clothes again.


Trina said...

My girls don't do the clothes thing either. We come in the door and the clothes come off

Gina said...

I'm jealous! We are making potty training progress but I have not been as consistent as you. Congrats!

Emma Lilly said...

Yay! go Blaise. Congrats

Bonnie said...

Celebrate success any way it comes clothes (or not!) Sighs of relief can be felt even this far away! High fives to all four of you!!!!