Monday, December 15, 2008

Deck the Halls

The tree is finally up!

Our Christmas tree!
(Okay, yes it is a little bit crooked,
but that's to be expected with the boys
hanging ornaments and
playing with a huge plastic ball, right?)

(Yeah, it only took three nights to get it that way, but between running out of ornament hooks and being unwilling to fully decorate it with Blaise awake, it is completely understandable. Right?)

I LOVE Christmas trees. The family outing to pick out the perfect tree. The smell of fresh pine. The lights and decorations. The way it changes our living room from everyday to festive.

Keith would really like a fake one (because of the said yearly picking one out and maybe the smell. But mostly for the needles). I have managed to win the conversation by bringing up the fact we would have to store the tree for 11 months out of the year. And since we don't have room for a bike that I would use for at least 6 months, we definitely do NOT have room for a completely un-Christmas-y plastic tree.

Our Christmas tree is no prize winner. While I love decorating it, I wouldn't say that I am the most gifted at it (I have a sister-in-law who wins that category). The decorations are a mix between hand-me-downs, yearly acquisitions of traditional (now non-breakable) baubles, and of course, the boys hand-made school ornaments.

When the tree is set up (Keith's job), and the lights are on (my job), Roman puts the ornaments on.

Roman, hanging ornaments

And then when he falls asleep, I move them around. Oh, come on. Like most of you parents don't do the same thing. After all, he can only reach the bottom half of the tree and hangs them all at the very end of the branches. But I would never want to deprive him of the opportunity to participate.

And I don't move
all of them.


Katherine said...

Salem, in case you read this... THANKS for the comments. They make me feel so loved! Someone is reading my blog. Yeah!

When you write something, I will totally comment on yours.

Love ya!

Salem said...


I really like how you won over the Christmas tree debate! Goes to show its better to do it right the first time! and I like the real thing too much more (THE SMELLS!).
Wait soon and we can get a photo of our Christmas tree up too. You saw it already- but oh well... there's now two ways to put up a tree.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful! I can't put up one this year because of Helen's new Kitten. Bummer. Mine however is fake. Since I don't have kids I have places to put stuff. It just takes up closet space.