Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Visions of Sugar Plums...

Well, actually, we were having visions of cookies.

I had set today aside for making cookies. (It had to be today, since I'm going back out of town for more interviews for the rest of the week, and then it is off to the frozen white north for Christmas when I get back.)

I can never decide what kind of cookie to make, so I made three kinds of dough: butterscotch chip-pecan, milk and white chocolate chip, and butter cookies. (I also wanted to make snicker doodles, but those will have to wait.)

I made the dough while the boys were at school, so there wasn't any disagreement about whose turn it was to stir or who had added more chocolate chips.

After braving the couple inches of new snow to pick the boys up, it was time to bake!

The boys scooped, and pressed extra chips into the tops, helped with the cookie press, and shook sprinkles. Halfway through, Blaise decided that he was good just eating the butterscotch chips.

Three fun-filled, sticky hours later...

Sweet success!

Aren't they cute cookies?


Salem said...

They look so good, the pictures stand out so clear, and I... Shoot, now the screens got a hole in it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. I got sick. I was really looking forward to it. But I didn't want to get you or your boys sick.