Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Attempt

We had initially started potty-training Blaise earlier this year.

It was much earlier than I had anticipated or wanted. Technically, he was passed the 27 months of age that pediatricians recommend starting potty-training. He showed a huge interest, asking to use the potty, saying he was done with diapers. So, we started.

It went well for, well, a whole two days.

By the third day, he wouldn't go. Every time I mentioned going potty, he would scream and cry. Nothing would calm him down. We couldn't keep him on the potty. He would cry and cry. And we would feel terrible.

After two days of fighting, Keith and I made the decision that it wasn't worth it. If it was that much of a struggle, all potty-training was going to be was a power struggle. He would just become more resistant, which would lead to failure.

So we decided to call a break.

Well, several months later, we are trying again.

We are four days in, and things are going great!

Although Blaise still will fuss when we tell him it's time to go potty, it's just because he doesn't want to stop playing. And we have found ways around it, like letting him bring toys with him.

And yesterday, he stayed dry for 6 hours!!

Honestly, I would prefer to wait until he was closer to three. And I know that with the move to Iowa coming up, he will regress.

But he will most likely be starting preschool near the end of August. And for most good preschools, children need to be potty trained in order to attend.

So I hope that by starting now, even with a set-back after we move, we will have more to work with than if we didn't start until August.

And the thought of entering another diaper-free period of our lives is also quite appealing.

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Bonnie said...

Yea Blaise! They say it takes six years to train themt o tell you they gotta go, another six not to tell you. You're on the right track. Good luck to all!