Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Follow Up

We got the results of our home inspection late last night.

I don't think that there was anything that really surprised us. We know that it is an older home and needs some work.

I really like this picture of the house
Funny that the best picture of the home
was taken by the inspector.

However, our real estate agent called this morning and asked if we really still wanted to buy the house.

Um, yes.

Because even if we didn't, the cost of fixing a lot of those things would be less than buying more airline tickets, trying to find time to go back out there and find a different home. And I don't think we would find one in such a great location.

The foundation, the roof, and the heating system were in perfect condition. Those were the things that we were really worried about. So now, we can rest easy knowing that the house won't crumble beneath us, the roof won't cave in on top of us, and we won't freeze to death during a Midwestern winter.

There were a lot of small things, some of which Keith and I had planned on addressing already (doors that were in bad condition, locks that didn't work, siding that needs to be addressed.)

There are a few things we are asking the seller to address. Such as electrical safety issues, toilets that don't work, and the lack of wiring for the washer and dryer. Because we will really need to use the bathroom and do laundry pretty much the second we walk through the door.

It is definitely going to be a project, but totally worth it. Mostly, because it's ours.

I also had some requests to share the progress of our Easter Tree. (I really should have started this a week before Easter, so that it would have bloomed by Easter. But honestly, I just don't have things together enough to think that far ahead.)

But here is what our Easter Tree looked like this morning. You can see the bright pink fat buds just getting ready to burst open. It is really a cheerful thing, and a wonderful reminder that spring really does happen.

ADDENDUM: I guess before I wasn't very clear about what is actually wrong with the house. The siding is rotted in multiple places and will need to be replaced. We were planning on doing this in the next couple of years. There are several windows that don't stay open. We know that the windows will need to be replaced before we sell. There is part of the sub-floor in the dining room that is rotted and needs to be replaced. But as we were planning to replace the flooring in the kitchen and dining room anyway, not too big of deal. The doors don't shut, or the locks don't work, or the knobs are missing. None of the toilets work. Half the lights don't work. One of the garage doors doesn't work. The water heater is almost as old as the house (1976).

So, nothing serious at least, but still a lot of work. And we knew it was going to be. But still, to have a list of everything that is wrong makes the work feel a little overwhelming. But at least I don't have to feel guilty about tearing up the dining room floor anymore.


Tonya said...

cute house. I like that pic. too. By older what do you mean? what year is your house? With the exception of the first house we lived in togthere Matt and I have always lived in older houses. Sometimes the work needed is half the fun! In less the house is really old (trust me on this one!).

Katherine said...

The house isn't super old. It was built in 1976. But it has been pretty much neglected since then. The water heater, doors, trim, siding, and carpet are all "original." Great. But it is structurally sound.

Salem said...

Katherine and Keith, I am so glad you have found a nice home! YES, and ACTUAL HOME and HOUSE! not just and apartment.

It looks like it has a lot of green to fill in as the season moves forward, so take it in, breath deep and enjoy!