Sunday, September 20, 2009


Despite the fact that there were fantastic college football games on television perfect for watching, we got in the car and drove to a local orchard. Where there were apples perfect for picking.

I have always wanted to go apple picking.

And not just because I love apples. Which I do (even though I like peaches better.) But because it is something I want to do with Roman and Blaise. First, so they know that fruit actually is grown (Roman said on our drive over there: I never knew people had to grow peanuts. I thought they just made them somehow.) And secondly, which is always the most important one, because it is fun!

And we did have fun.

I love apples!

At the front of the orchard is a small store inside an old barn full of dusty sunlight and the smell of freshly made apple turnovers. We glanced over the map to see where the ripe apples were, grabbed our baskets, and headed out.

The orchard can be reached by tractor drive or by walking. We opted to walk. Down between pumpkin fields, over a foot bridge, and into the rows and rows of apples.

Over 130 variety of apples!!

Perfect Pick!

(Okay, not all of them were ripe. The orchard has many variety so that there are always apples ready, whether you go picking in August, late October, or mid September.)

The boys were delighted. They ran up and down the rows, picking the apples they could reach.

Please note Blaise's sampled apple

And since there is no charge for "sampling," they did plenty. Well, Blaise did. Roman insisted he only liked picking the apples and had no intention of eating any. Although he did take one bite when I said in that case, we're not buying any. (We were always going to. Because wow, those Honey Crisp apples are divine!)

I"m serious. I love apples, Mom!

So after an afternoon becoming sticky sweet and sun-soaked, we hauled our heavy baskets of apples back up to the store to bag and buy them.

Now, there are 15 pounds of apples on our kitchen counter. Between that and a boy who insists he still doesn't like apples, we should be well stocked for a while.


Emma Lilly said...

Every time you post something like this it makes me want to be the same kind of Mom as you.

Gina said...

If only Logan liked apples. I like the Fugis myself!

todavine said...

I'm jealous, I've always wanted to take my boys to pick apples. The closest we come, is on our walk to church we pick the apples off a tree that are hanging over the fence.

Bonnie said...

Does Roman like to try apple pie or turn overs? So glad you went! What fun!!! The pictures are fabulous. Miss everyone so much! The boys look so happy, and growing perfectly. Love from here to there and to the moon and back!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm going apple picking soon and I CANNOT wait.

Such cute pictures of yours :)

Jennifer Johnson said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you in on an AWESOME IOWA secret! You WILL for sure want to take your boys to this AMAZING pumpkin patch in Grinnell, IA called Caroll's Pumpkin farm!!!! You get to go out on a tractor watch a pumpkin be catapolted into a pound and pick your own pumpkin! Plus there are TONS and TONS of fun things for them to do there!! It is cheap! Check it out!!! You will be glad you got away for a day! If you get on I-80 West and drive for about an hour and get off at exit 182 Grinnell take a right off the exit ramp and go to the First Friends Church on the left hand side BEFORE Wal-Mart take a left onto gravel and you will see it about half mile down the road. It opens October 1st and soooo worth your time!! Have fun!!! Blessings,
Jenny Johnson Fowler, IN but once an Iowan always an Iowan! from Grinnell, IA

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