Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures of Fall

It is full blown fall now. While most the trees are still green(ish), there are more and more pops of red, yellow, and orange. It has started raining again, after an entire three weeks without rain. I'm telling you, Utah people, that's like a drought here in Iowa. It's supposed to fall below freezing tonight.

Full blown fall.

And we are doing our best to enjoy every minute.

A day at the lake, to have a beach picnic and play in the sand. And never mind that I said keep out of the water.

Leaf piles in the backyard.

More apple picking.

Because somehow we managed to eat fifteen pounds of apples in one week. I did make apple pie and apple crisp and we ate those too. But still, 15 pounds! Well, three of us ate 15 pounds of apples. Roman still insists he likes picking apples much more than he likes eating them.

At least someone loves apples.

Soon, more of the trees will change, and it will be time for more fall walks and drives.

Because soon it will be winter.

But for now, it is fall.


Gina said...

Gorgeous photos! It isn't quite that fall-y here. The weather is, but not the colors.

Bonnie said...

I relish the bright colors,the sweet fallen leaf smells the intermittent overhead golden leaf showers. When it is spring, that is my favorite season. When the first snow falls, that is my favorite moment. But for now it is really, beautifully fall, and it is my favorite! The pictures are beautiful, what fun the boys have had! Happy autumn everyone!!!