Saturday, October 25, 2008

Memory Park

So, I decided to break away from my routine of going up Mill Creek Canyon every time I want to escape the valley, and took the boys to City Creek Canyon.

(Okay, the real reason I went to City Creek/Memory Grove is that I wanted horse chestnuts for decoration at home, but the boys didn't know that.)

I have to say, that although it is technically a canyon, and there is a "creek," it doesn't feel like getting out of the canyon. There were tons of people with the dogs, bikers, joggers, a wedding, and a multitude of photography sessions going on. You can also see the capitol building dome over the tops of the trees, and houses on the ridges that overlook the canyon.

Capitol Dome, as seen from Memory Park

But regardless, it is a beautiful park.

City Creek

City Creek with fall leaves

The stream once again provided plenty of opportunity for Blaise to participate in his favorite activity of throwing things in water.

Blaise, busy with his favorite activity

Blaise, sitting at the side of City Creek

Isn't he getting good looking?

The monuments are beautiful to look at.

Roman, sitting on the steps of one of the memorials

And it is a very pleasant walk, strolling through the trees. Even with Blaise running back to grab my leg every time a dog ran past us.

Walking along the fall trail

Oh, and we got plenty of chestnuts!

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