Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Week

This week has passed very normally.

Nothing exciting, nothing dramatic (I know that this is a stark contrast to what is going on in the real world, but that is another story altogether.)

Every nice, sunny, warm day I worry is our last before the cold weather starts. Thus, we have spent nearly ever afternoon and evening outside, soaking up the warmth. Summer has really soaked into my blood this year. I'm hoping it is enough to last at least until January.

We spent one afternoon at Wheeler Farm. The picnic ground was full of geese, and as we walked past, heading to the ponds, holding our bag of bread, the geese spied us. Suddenly, we were surrounded! Roman and Blaise were afraid of the geese (not that I blame them. They were the same height, and geese can be a little aggressive.) So they stood on a bench and threw bread to their large, honking audience.

Okay, Blaise doesn't really like to have his picture taken.

Roman and Blaise with their audience of geese

This week, Blaise also discovered dandelions. It was so darling to watch him sitting in the grass, a fist full of white dandelions, blowing them across the grass, giggling.

Blowing Dandelions

I've started a new class, a month of Public Health. It takes me out of the clinic and puts me back in the classroom. That means that the schedule is much more forgiving. The subject matter is very interesting, since public health speaks to my passion for the care of under-privileged populations. But I think that I'm done with busy works, and reflection papers, and such.

The interview requests continue to come in. I think I have seven now. Scheduling what hopefully will be about 20 interviews all over the country over a two month period is suddenly getting very stressful. I had my first schedule conflict today. But I'm not going to stress about it over the weekend.

It can wait for Monday.

A sweet, peaceful moment

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