Saturday, September 27, 2008

Biggest Show on Earth

We took Roman and Blaise to the circus on Saturday.

I remember going when I was a little girl. I'm not sure where I went (Barnum and Bailey?, Circus Circus? I'm not sure), and I'm not sure who took me (my parents, my grandmother, my grandfather, I can't remember). But I still remember the magic: the acrobats, the music, the horses.

It's wonderful to be able to give our boys the same wonderful memories that we have.
Of course, Roman has been excited since he found out we were going about a month ago. Blaise probably would have been excited, if he really understood what a circus was.

It was great fun. Roman laughing at the clowns, gasping appropriately at the trapeze artists. Blaise squealing over the animals and the lights. (Although Roman did get scared every time they turned out the lights, and Blaise's great mood only lasted until intermission and the elephants.)

Ready for the show to start

Having tons of fun

I can't think of anything better to take the boys to. It was fast paced and loud. Nobody told us to quiet the boys.

Personally, my favorite part was the aerialists. Roman's favorite was the acrobat who walked across monkeybars on the ceiling with his feet. Blaise's favorite was the elephants. I think Keith's favorite was the motorcycles in the metal cage. It was all great fun.
And hopefully the boys will have great memories.

Enjoy the video clips from the circus (Sorry, the sound is terrible, but the pictures are great!)

The Show Begins!

My Favorite Part (Aerialists)

The Cage


The Elephants are here!

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