Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sooner Than Anticipated

Well, that happened quickly.

I submitted my residency application on Sunday, and then promptly tried to forget about it. Take a mental holiday from the stress and palpitations associated with the entire process. I assumed that I wouldn't have any news to write about for a month or so. But not to be.

It is only Wedn
esday, and I've already received 4 (!) interview invitations. And confirmed 2 of them. Suddenly everything is happening so fast. But this is going to be an exciting time. My first interview is on November 10. I will keep you updated with interviews, dates, outcomes, and opinions about the whole process.

I really should take this opportunity to brag about Roman. That's what this site is all about after all. He has gotten 100% on all of his spelling tests so far. And he is reading amazingly. In fact, he is reading what I'm writing about him over my shoulder, despite it being past his bedtime.

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Alorah said...

So.... Where are your interviews to take place? Are they local or abroad? How exciting! I am so happy for you.