Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cecret Lake

Yes, that's Cecret with a "C" (although I did find a website saying that the National Parks map has it as "Secret." But since all the signs at Alta and the trail head said "Cecret," we're going with that.) I'm confused at the name. The lake is no secret, since the parking lot was packed, the trail full, and the noise level at the lake did nothing to contribute the the feeling of "getting away from it all."

However, the hike was gorgeous. Some of the levels on the bushes are just starting to change, there are still plenty of wildflowers, and the temperature was cool and perfect.

The only thing that's a little frustrating is that, while I remembered my camera, I forgot the memory card, so I have no pictures to share with you. Which makes me sad, because of the amazing views, the color of the water, and the delightfulness of my boys.

The hike up took much longer than it should have, since Blaise was determined that he arrive at the lake with a full arsenal of rocks for throwing. No amount of coercion could convince him that there would be plenty of rocks at the lake, without him bringing the trail gravel with him.
But we eventually made it, and Blaise once again got to do his favorite thing (throw rocks into water. See previous hiking entries.)

Roman and I hiked around the lake, and we found salamanders! I've seen them before in the high mountain lakes, but this was a first for Roman. He kept shouting "I can't believe it! I'm seeing salamanders for the first time!" I really like tiger salamanders. They have an amazingly unique life cycle. We saw mostly the larval forms, with their large external gills. We did see one adult form.

The hike down was much easier, taking less than half the time up, since we had convinced Blaise to say good-bye to the water.

I can't wait to go back to the Albion Basin next summer (if we are still here for residency.) I here that it has the best wildflowers on the Wasatch Front. If anyone knows differently, let me know.

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