Friday, September 5, 2008

Millcreek Canyon

So it turns out this ICU thing isn't so bad.

I'm only half serious. I've only had one call night, which anyone survive. I'm sure that I'll adjust my opinion and get back to you with my true feels in 6 more call nights.
But I also have half days every three days, and a day off every six days, so I've actually been able to see my family.

Silly, cute boys!

Today, being my first day off, I picked the boys up from daycare right after Roman got back from school, and we drove up Millcreek Canyon for a little hike. I love Millcreek. I think it's my
favorite canyon. The creek is shallow, the trails are not steep, and the trees are beautiful.

Looking up the trail

Is there anything more magical than brotherhood?

Or more magical than childhood?

Today, I kept having the feeling that we were in the Hundred Acre Woods, with my very own Christopher Robins.

We hiked through the maples, ducked under elderberry bushes, and even played "Pooh Sticks" over and over. Roman won almost every time.

My very own Christopher Robin

The perfect "Pooh Stick" bridge


Alorah said...

I love hiking and being out doors too! It is so refreshing and regenerating out there. Your boys are so cute! I love the adorable expressions that Blaise seems to always have on his face.

I do have one question however, what is "Pooh sticks"?

Katherine said...

"Pooh Sticks" is dropping sticks off one side of the bridge. Whose ever stick is the first one to come out of the other side of the bridge wins. (See "Day for Eeyore" on "Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh".)