Monday, September 8, 2008

Auralee's and David's Birthday


Auralee and David are two of the people in my family that have birthdays either on the same day, or one day apart.

I can't believe how old my siblings are getting. To me, it feels like no one has gotten any older since I moved out after high school. So, I have a really hard time realizing how old they are.
But Auralee has turned 22 years old today, and David turned 14.

My beautiful sister, Auralee, with my darling niece, Laurelei

The birthday boy, David

It was wonderful to be able to get together as a family. We always try to get everyone together for birthdays. And we were able to get all of my siblings together. What a party!

Oh, and some very exciting news. Auralee announced yesterday that she is having a little boy! So I will have a new nephew late December!

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