Sunday, May 17, 2009

Breaking Boards

On Saturday, Roman's karate studio had a large charity event.

The Break-a-thon, an national event, raises money for Break the Chain, a child abuse awareness, prevention, and intervention program.

And when they said that every single student would have the opportunity to break boards, there was no way Roman wasn't going.

After arriving, the students were paired with others of similar height (and hopefully, experience.) Then, they did timed blocks, four separate blocks called off by their instructor's "Ke-yah."

Lining up

Giving it all he's got

Holding strong for his partner

The kid who was holding for Roman struggled a little, resulting in Roman only breaking one board during the actual timed event. (But the other kid only had one break as well, as did most the smaller students around us did.)

Roman successfully breaking a board
with a palm strike.

But then, Daddy to the rescue. Keith held up all the unbroken boards for Roman. And he broke them all!!!

Breaking boards
Way to go!!

I can't really imagine anything cooler for a six year old to say than "I can break a board with my hand!"

Afterward, we watched the black belt students and instructors break more boards and bricks.

We left, hours later, slightly sunburned, very tired, and for one six year old, much more confident.


Bonnie said...

Way to go, Roman!!!!! You will have to show off for everyone soon. Confidence in a single activity is possible, it excels when you are adequate in a group. Karate was a great idea.

Lori Watson said...

How very fun! We're planning on signing our kids up for karate this summer and I'm really looking forward to it. I think it's great how much Roman is enjoying it. What a cutie he is!

Gina said...

Go Roman! Maybe L will do karate one day. I hear it is awesome for kids. :)