Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nearly Summer

I love days like today.

Roman got out early, having a four day weekend for Memorial Day.

Instead of having our daily snack at home around the kitchen table, we took advantage of the warm weather and extra time by packing up our snack and taking in to Wheeler Farm. This is a working farm contained within a city park. It is truly wonderful.

We ate our snack of carrots, crackers, and cottage cheese under the shade of fruit trees. Or rather, I ate our snack while Roman and Blaise raced stick boats in the irrigation stream.

Afterwards, the main event. Feeding the ducks. I never throw out bread that is questionable, because it always good for an afternoon out.

We then strolled through the rest of the farm, climbing trees, petting baby cows, and "aww"ing over new chicks.

The day was very warm. I kept thinking that spring just started a few weeks ago (we got snow after Easter) so where has it gone to?

Seeing this made me realize that I have no reason to be
overwhelmed with my two ducklings.
I counted 16 babies, and the parents were running back and forth
trying to keep them from wandering off and
keep people away from them. 16! Whew!
And I thought I was busy!

After a trip back home for a much needed nap for Blaise, we all headed off to Roman's school carnival.

Roman surprised me with his bravery.
Blaise thought about it, but I helped him change his mind.
There were no other two year old's on the equipment.

As the sun set, and the day cooled, we headed home, slightly sticky from melted sno-cones.

When I said, "Thanks, boys, for doing so many fun things with me today," Roman gave me the best reply...

"I wouldn't miss it for anything!"

Neither would I!


todavine said...

How fun for all of you. I remeber David's pre-school carnival that was at Wheeler farm; it was a lot of fun that I wouldn't of missed for anything either. I want to take the kids there and do the farm chores one day. Vincent sometimes insits he is going to have a farm when he gets older.

Gina said...

This post made me so excited that my summer vacation is one week away.