Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Party!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blaise!

I can't believe that you are really two years old already!

We had a great time for the birthday party.

We all went swimming at the new water park by Grandma's house. There were slides, and fountains, and a lazy river. Roman took to the water like a fish, and swam around and around the lazy river. Blaise, although he enjoyed being held in the lazy river, preferred to splash in the fountains in the shallow water. Everyone has a lot of fun, especially everyone watching Brooks do belly flops (wow, I wish I had a picture of just how red his chest was afterwards and the welts o
n his arms, just for shock value). Blaise eventually got tired out, and spent the last hour at the pool sleeping in Daddy's lap.

Afterwards, we went to Grandma's house for the birthday lunch: pizza, watermelon, and cake!
I made Blaise a monkey cake, for obvious reasons.

A monkey cake, for a monkey boy!

Blowing out your candles! (Look at that tongue)

Dad, Blaise, and Mom

Look at this beautiful family! Dad, Blaise, Roman, and Mom

Then, the presents!!
Blaise got a stick horse, some books, and a bubble machine. The bubble machine was definitely the hit of the party.

Playing with bubbles (all 4000/minute)

All in all, what a great day with family to celebrate a darling little boy. I love you, Blaise!

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Alorah said...

What a cute cake! It looks like you had a fun party.
I really enjoy your blog! It inspires me to keep up on mine. Keep up the good work!