Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ready for School

Today, we took Roman to his new elementary school to register him for first grade. I can't believe that he is already in first grade. I had a hard enough time with kindergarten.
So, anyways, this was the first time that we have had to navigate the public school system ourselves. We showed up at the elementary school and were instantly overwhelmed by the lack of organization and direction. The paperwork suddenly felt overwhelming and confusing. I thought that the process would be much easier.
School is going to start in about two weeks. It is the official end of summer. And in many ways, the end of Roman being a little boy. When I used to get home early from work, I could pick my boys up early and spend more time with them. But now, I will have to wait until he is done.
The thought of Roman having to navigate the school system, including buses, school lunches, and the much larger school itself is very scary to me. He seems very young.
Roman is very excited though. He likes the school (it has a fish tank.)

Speaking of education, many of you already know me opinion about how science is taught. My dad sent me a fantastic article. See the attached link.

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