Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mount Timp

Well, almost...

On Friday, I went hiking with Rebekah, Leah, and Heber. We had a goal on summiting Mount Timpanogos. But since I had radiology presentations in the morning, and everyone was nice enough to wait until that was over, we got a late start. In fact, we didn't actually start on the trail until around 12:30.
About one hour in, we revised our goal to make it to Emerald Lake, instead of the summit.

Rebekah and Leah, by the first fall

But the time went by faster than the distance did. So we didn't make it that far, either. (Rebekah said that if we considered the waterfalls our goal, we significantly outdid ourselves.)

Leah and me, by the second fall


The views were spectacular, even though they were not from the summit.

But we did see mountain goats, grouse, and a moose. And we had great company, a good time, and even now (two days later) only mildly sore calves and feet.

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