Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wild Days

Saturday was a busy family day.
We took Roman and Blaise to Hogle Zoo. I love going to the zoo. It feels like a timeless summer activity.
Every time we go, it is fun to see which animal the boys get most excited about. For Roman, it was the snakes. He was absolutely amazed by the rattles on the rattlesnakes and by the size of the boa constrictor. For Blaise, it was the crocodiles.
We also took the boys to the bird show. Unfortunately, by that time, it was after Blaise's nap time. So we spent most of the show just trying to keep Blaise from running into the people sitting in front of us and being patient with his crying.
Overall, Roman and Blaise did seem to have a great time.

In the evening, we all went over to Grandma Bonnie's house for town day fireworks. The display is great for such a small town. It is so much fun to walk down to the pond and see the fireworks reflected in the water.

This year wasn't quite as relaxed. There was a lot of lightening we could see across the pond, and as the fireworks started, so did the rain. It poured on us as we huddled under blankets. But despite the downpour, it was amazing to see fireworks and lightening in the sky at the same time.

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