Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost time

The countdown on the side bar of my blog is making me sick.

Suddenly there isn't enough time to get ready for this.

Here's to hoping for the best at 10 am tomorrow.


Bonnie said...

dearest, I don't get a chance to sit and read your wonderful site. But I did tonight. I laughed and felt sad and warm and loved and... You will write a book someday, because all of this and your warmth and wit and ease and reality are too good not to share. Keith my amazing son! Katherine , sunshine, sweet boys, I love you, I am soooooooo proud of you. Thank you for lighting up my world!

Bonnie said...

We did it! I can keep in touch while all of you are off slaying dragons and collecting trophies!

Alorah said...

Soooooo............. Where did you get matched to????? I am so excited for you!