Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girl Night (And Day)

An amazing thing happened over the weekend.

I had my mom and my two oldest sisters over. To my house!!

It was wonderful. Nearly 24 hours of girl-ness. Something that I have obviously been in dire need of.

Even my 18 year old sister, Mercy, noticed this. "Wow," she said. "I bet this is nice. With you being the only girl living here." Yeah, it is.

We watched movies on the air mattress in my living room, while eating popcorn and chocolate. We giggled over silly parts in the movies (something definitely girly. Men don't giggle.)

The next morning, after a beautiful breakfast of fresh strawberries and crepes, we headed to Park City. For some pure, unadulterated shopping.

I love Keith. Very much. But, like I'm sure pretty much all men, he's just not that big into shopping. Even if we are looking at flat screens or laptops or such. It's a "well that's cool. Next!" type of thing.

Shopping with my mom and my sisters, I realized how much I miss just hanging out with girls. There was this particular moment, when we walked into the Coach outlet store, when I had that "we're not in Kansas anymore" feeling.

We were all nearly breathless over the beautiful displays of purses. My mom and sister were sifting through silk scarves. And I almost mentally allowed myself to buy this fantastic lilac trench coat. (Note: I hunted the internet to find a picture of this coat, to share it's fabulousness with you. But there was none to be found.)

I also think that I was able to share my love of Ann Taylor with my family.

Although, shopping with my super-skinny-should-have-been-models sisters was not exactly easy on my self image.

Finally we headed home with two jackets and a fabulous pair of jeans (and no purple trench coat).

I'm so thankful for the time I had with them. I try hard not to think about how long I'll be in Iowa, and how much with change while I'm gone.

Thanks, my girls, for the wonderful time.


Johnson said...

There is an AMAZING outlet store about 20 mins West of Iowa City on I-80 called Tanger Outlet in Williamsburg. Great place to get cheap kids clothes!

Katherine said...

Thanks for letting me know that! I think it's going to take a while for me to figure out where everything is, so I need all the advice I can get.

Bonnie said...

We all had a wonderful time. I decided to pretend it was just like sight seeing. You get out and look and ooh and aah and go on. You take a picture if its important. While it will be awhile recovering from actually buying some things. People noticed your excellent choice and good critique with comments like, "Did you change your hair?" "You look different." "You look like you're not even grown up!" "No," I smile, "Same hair, but thanks! I'm never going to grow up!" Thanks for those days to cherish!!! It is refreshing to be in your peer group. How I shall miss you.

Thanks too for the wonderful weekend with the boys. It was amazing listening to Roman do a scientific run down on the definition of Visible and how INvisible was created by the prefix. all to the fascinated group of four through eight year olds in the back seats. I will miss rocking Blaise to sleep, miss hearing about dinosaur living habits, miss the giggles and shouts of boys playing ball. Thank you both for such a precious family!