Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time to Party!!!

I'm 27 years old today.

And what better way to celebrate than with everyone I love.

Happy Birthday!
Roman, me, Keith, and Blaise

We had a party at my parents' house. A combined Match and birthday party.

There were a couple shocked faces when we announced that we would be moving 1200 miles away. For at least 5 years.

But, I would like to think that in the conversation and celebration throughout the afternoon, most of the shock and even a little sadness was forgotten in just the enjoyment of being together.

My dad, me, and my mom
Thanks for all the love that
has gotten me to this point in my life

Sisters, Cousins, and Friends!

My sisters!
I love being part of this group of girls

I can't believe how many people came.

The whole party!
Wow, thanks for all the love and support!!

I want to thank everyone who came. It was unbelievably wonderful to see you. People I haven't seen for years. A chance to reconnect one more time.

Auralee, me, Mercy
I love my sisters!


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