Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite

And that's exactly what we did.

The air is warmer, moister. The boys only need sweaters in the morning instead of coats. The birds are singing as we leave for school.

You can feel spring everywhere.

And the perfect way to celebrate March, blustery days, and the coming of spring...

Kite flying.

Roman mastered flying the kite on his own quickly. He even had the string pulling down to keep the kite aloft. When I was flying it, he would run down to where ever the kite touched down at and would gleefully and confidently toss it back in the air.

Roman, experiencing the thrill of letting all the string out...
just to see how high it can really go

Blaise really wanted to do just what his big brother was. He wanted to fly the kite alone. He would holler at me every time I would help hold on. And when I complied, he instantly let go and sent us running across the park, through lacrosse practice to retrieve the kite.

I know, it's another one of the pictures my mom says I shouldn't post.
And I wouldn't have taken one, except after I took a picture of Roman,
Blaise said, "Take of picture of me, Mommy!!" So I did.
He's just having a little bit of a hard time sharing at this particular moment.

Today felt like spring. Kites, no coats, and the promise of more sunny days.

Yes, it's a Transformer kite.
What else did you expect from a family of boys?


Anonymous said...

I really like all the pictures you post on here. They are beautiful and real. I especially love this one of the kite and the moon.

Katherine said...

Yeah, I loved that one too. But sometimes I get carried away and post way too many pictures. Because my kids are just that cute.

Tonya said...

I don't think you get carried away at all with your pictures. I also enjoy looking at them and being kept up to date on how things are with you.