Thursday, March 26, 2009

Between Here and There

I keep wondering why I'm feeling stressed.

I'm not in school. I'm not working. I technically have plenty of time to sleep and relax and get caught up on all my project.

But I'm stressed!!

I could figure it out until last night, amid a minor tearful episode, Keith pointed out that we had only matched 6 days ago.

That right. Only 6 days ago!

Since then, I've finished my research, taken the boys out of daycare, found a real estate agent, gotten us pre-approved for a mortgage, created a list a houses to look at, booked a trip to Iowa to buy one of said houses, gotten a TB test, and nearly completed my physician licensing paperwork.

It's been a busy 6 days.

I can't believe we are going to buy a house! Our first home.

Keith and I have been renting for nearly 8 years. I rented for a year before that. Keith rented for 6+ years before that. So I have been living in apartments for 9 years. Keith for well, nearly 15 years.

And everywhere we have lived as felt temporary. That's what apartments can do to you.

But we have been pre-approved for our first mortgage and head out of Iowa next week to start the house hunt!!

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Bonnie said...

Besides being your usual busy self, factor in the emotional twinges of CHANGE. Changing anything is always a re-adjustment, even re arranging furniture or adding flowers, or a throw pillow; taking a new class and picking up an exercise routine. It's new air and higher ground and we have to acclimatize to it. As long as you take time to make memories, by shifting your focus occasionally to small things and simple pleasures inside these big changes, you will feel enriched by each new experience. You are truly on the edge of a grand new adventure! Happy house hunting!